Friday, January 1, 2010

My Favorite Past-time.

For any of you that couldn't guess what this was by the title, these are all about food. In fact, I was putting most of these into the things that actually happened column, but then there were too many. I'm fat.

1/22 Christine Hammond is giving into two of her many vices: cookies and vh1 countdowns.

2/4 Christine Hammond Would like someone to tell her discolored, weird honey that it's the only food that doesn't go bad.

3/10 Christine Hammond thinks the best part of dieting is how great the food tastes when you cheat.

3/30 Christine Hammond is a fan of cup of noodles. a big one.

4/1 Christine Hammond thinks you too should put crumbled up chips into your sandwiches. delicious.

4/14 Christine Hammond just got in a fight with her ice machine. she has no ice and is bleeding. safe to say, she lost.

6/10 Christine Hammond has got to learn the thin but unwavering line between full and food coma.

6/18 Christine Hammond wonders what kind of national secrets are hidden in a yogurt that necessitate vacuum sealing. all i want is to eat a yogurt without being covered in it. i don't need my breakfast to be a full contact sport.

7/16 Christine Hammond just had dinner at the mandalay bay buffet, and has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that all you can eat and all you should eat are two completely different animals... kill me.

8/5 Christine Hammond thinks buffalo sauce is an underrated condiment.

9/2 Christine Hammond just had brazillian bbq for the first time. so. much. meat.

9/17 Christine Hammond is eating spaghetti out of a blue dixie cup because she has no clean dishes. now, that's class.

9/25 Christine Hammond there's nothing a pizookie and a beer can't cure.

9/30 Christine Hammond chili cheese fries burrito? winning combination if i've ever heard one.

10/12 Christine Hammond just discovered dominos pasta in a breadbowl, and has decided that all food is better when you can eat its container.

10/20 Christine Hammond was just given one packet of ketchup. ONE packet. gone are the days of buckets of unrequested condiments.

10/26 Christine Hammond tis the season for pumpkin flavored everything :)

10/28 Christine Hammond wonders if the answer to, "would you like to upgrade to curly fries?" has ever been no.

11/5 Christine Hammond needs to get rid of the extra halloween candy before she eats it all. problem being, the only way to get rid of it is to eat it all. oh, the rocks and hard places we live between.

11/5 Christine Hammond is taking herself and a heartbreaking work of staggering genius to chang thai bistro for lunch. livin' large.

11/12 Christine Hammond thinks only fascists don't eat carbs.

11/24 Christine Hammond 's day doesn't start until she has a diet coke. some may call this an addiction. i prefer to think of it as loyalty.

11/26 Christine Hammond if the quality of thanksgiving is measured by eating until you feel like you're going to die, i consider tonight a runaway success.

12/3 Christine Hammond there's something about wearing pearls and lace that makes you feel elegant and feminine... that is, of course, until you spill lunch all over yourself.

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